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June 7, 2016September 30, 2022


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18% $3650 to go

SNEH stands for ‘Support Network of Hatian(s)’. This is a Self Help Group (SHG),a virtual community of ex-Netarhatians. Any Netarhatian brother/sister in need of financial assistance for educational or medical reasons (of parents, self, spouse, children) may forward his/her requirement directly, or indirectly through another Hatian, to the virtual SHG WhatsApp group. The assistance from this forum can be availed of only two times in life – once for medical assistance, and once for educational assistance. The assistance shall be returnable. Whenever not feasible, in rare exceptional cases, nonrefundable aid may also be granted. The feasibility of returning (financial condition improvement of beneficiaries) shall be monitored by virtual SHG so that netarhatians who become capable to return, must return