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Sangini – NOBA GSR

Netarhat Old Boys’ Association conceptualized a program called “Sangini” under Global Social Responsibility with an aim to strengthen female health in rural areas & educate them about menstrual hygiene. With the extended support of many like-minded people & organizations, NOBA GSR is trying to break many myths and stigmas through the installation of the sanitary pad making & dispensing machines together in rural areas of Bihar & Jharkhand. The vending machines will be installed to ensure an effective, safe, and convenient mode for any time access to sanitary napkins.

Menstruation is a natural, physiological function. A large section of society considers women ‘Impure’ during menstruation. In our country, about 21% of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating. Underprivileged women & girls use old dirty clothes, Newspapers & even mud during menstruation. This has a huge impact on the overall development of girls.

Our main challenge is to address the shame, taboos and several myths attached to periods and menstrual hygiene. We need to work dedicatedly by identifying gaps and creating awareness to bring effective behaviour change in not just women but in the whole society.

Sanitary pads are expensive & about 70% of women cannot afford them. These machines will help those girls who start menstruation for the first time & do not have a fixed menstrual cycle.