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Netarhat Sewa

WHY do we exist

This platform is the crisis relief wing of NOBA GSR (Global Social Responsibility).  Aim of this wing is to help the people in unexpected adverse situations such as flood, drought, pandemic or some other natural or man-made calamities that have disturbed the human life and property. The need for this platform was felt acutely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the relief work done during the pandemic. This pandemic helped us realise the need of each other and their importance.

WHAT do we do

In the adverse situation we serve the needy ones in the community in terms of money, food, clothes, and other essentials. Like in the COVID19, we have served the deprived & poor, migrant workers with ready-to-eat food packets and masks. We have also distributed food and masks in the quarantine centers in different parts of the country.

WHO do we serve

The financially weaker section of people who are in need of essentials during adverse conditions. We also fill the knowledge and education gap among the people to maximize the impact of our initiatives.